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Clubhouse FAQ



Q. What is the Development fund in aid of?

A. To provide dressing room, showers and meeting room facilities to complement our new playing pitches and to develop a facility that is sustainable and future proofed for generations to come

Q. Why now?

A. IT’S NOW OR NEVER. In 2013, Dunshaughlin GAA were allocated a Government Sports Capital Grant of €145,000 which was one of the largest allocations given to a Sporting Organisation in the country. One of the conditions of this grant is that the project must be completed by January 2015, after which the grant allocation expires. This is a golden opportunity for the Club and one that simply cannot be passed up. It is highly unlikely that the Club would be approved for another grant in the future if this is not taken advantage of.

Q. How much will the Clubhouse Development cost?

  • Phase 1 (Ground floor) – €450,000.
  • Phase 2 (First floor) – 150,000

Q. What will Phase 1 consist of?

  • Square Foot – 8,000 Sq. Ft
  • 4 Male Dressing Rooms
  • 2 Female Dressing Rooms
  • Referees Room
  • Kit Store
  • Ground Maintenance store
  • Entrance Hall

Q. What will Phase 2 consist of?

  • Club Room
  • Secretary Room
  • Committee Room
  • Male / Female Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge

Q. What is the target date for completion?

  • Phase 1 – January 2015.
  • Phase 2 – later date

Q. What finance is available to us?

  • Government Sports Capital Grant Allocation = €145,000
  • Outstanding Bank Loan Approval – €90,000

Q. How much do we need to raise for Phase 1?

A. €215,000

Q. Are there any other grant options available to the Club?

A. The club may receive further funding from the Leinster Council on completion of the project. The exact amount is unknown at present and not guaranteed.

Q. How do we raise €215,000?

A. The club will seek a target of 215 donations of €1000 from members and friends

Q. How can the €1000 donation be paid?

A. The donation can be paid up front or via a loan from Dunshaughlin Credit Union. The Club will receive loan amount donation immediately from the Credit Union and this will be allocated to the Clubhouse fund.

Q. How is the load repaid?

A. The Contributor will repay the loan directly to the Credit Union and can structure the repayments as they require with regard to term and repayment instalments.

Q. What are the terms and condition of the Credit Union loan?

  • All loan applications will be treated as normal loans within the Credit Union
  • Loans for €1000 will be granted (subject to normal lending conditions) at a 6% APR
  • All repayments must via standing order
  • The maximum period for the €1000 loan would be no longer than 2 years
  • The Credit Union may request bank statements.
  • Credit Union will make cheques payable to Dunshaughlin GAA club
  • There is no waiting time for existing members
  • Non Credit Union members must save for 13 weeks with the Credit Union with a minimum savings amount of €50 per month for the first 3 months.

Q. How much will it cost me over a two year period?

A. €10.21 per week

Q. As a Contributor, what happens to my money if the Club fail to raise the required amount to build the Clubhouse?

A. In the unlikely event that this happens, the Club will refund all contributions. This would also mean that the Government grant would have to be handed back and consequently no new Clubhouse would be built. This is a scenario that cannot and will not be allowed to happen.

Q. What is the closing date for contributions?

A. 31st March 2014

Q. When will construction begin?

A. 1st June 2014